Why choose us ?

Heartbeats IVF is a dedicated Fertility Treatment Centre in Panjim Goa. We provide all types of Infertility Treatments like IVF, IUI, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy & Donor services. We have a dedicated Low Sperm Count & Azoospermia Clinic for Men, as well as a Poor Ovarian Reserve & Low AMH Clinic for Women.We also specialize in repeated failed IVF and Failed IUI treatments.

At Heartbeats IVF, we believe in providing you the latest treatments and equipments as per the international standards. We only use internationally approved IVF and IUI media and disposables. All these are single use sterile products and will be disposed off after use.

Heartbeats IVF team understand the social and emotional pain that out couples undergo. We believe in giving you the privacy protection that you deserve and  the personal attention to treatment that you need.

In a single visit to our infertility clinic, you will get your infertility diagnosis and treatment planning done. We will give you a complete idea about the cost of infertility treatment, the time that you may require to conceive and the couple’s predicted chances of success.

meet our team

Heartbeats IVF offers you one of the best IVF teams in Goa. Combined with this team is our IVF Lab with all the latest equipments to help you conceive as soon as possible.

If you have already undergone IVF or any other infertility treatment and found that you did not get the personal attention that you deserved, then Heartbeats IVf is the place for you. At heartbeats IVF, your entire case will be handles by Dr Mayur Pai from start to finish. All fertility related ultrasounds, follicular monitoring, treatment planning and IVF or IUI procedures will be haldled by the same fertility doctor.

All steps of the infertility treatment can be attended by  your spouse and you can clear your doubts at each step with Dr Mayur Pai and his team members. You will  have a complete understanding the direction that your treatment is headed right from the very first visit.

At Heartbeats IVF we will  be very transparent about your treatment costs and all alternative treatment choices will be explained to you. You can make the informed choice about what treatment suits you and your spouse and your pocket the best.

Dr. Mayur Pai
(Fertility specialist & Lap Surgeon)

Dr. Usha Pai
(Senior Gynecologist)

Mr. Kapil Pai Raiturkar
(Embryologist & Fertility Lab Director)