Donor sperms are used in cases of zero sperm count or azoospermia. Donor sperms may be used in IUI and IVF techniques depending on the fertility of the female partner.

Low sperm count and low sperm motility can be very easily be treated using specialized IVF techniques called ICSI or IMSI. In certain cases, sperms can also be obtained from the man’s epididymis or testes directly. These sperms can then be combined with the wife’s eggs to proceed with embryo (test tube baby) development. These embryos after complete development are then transferred into the wife’s uterus by the process of guided embryo transfer.

However, donor sperms also have a role in modern medical science:

  • If the couple has tried several attempts with their own sperms and repeatedly failed to achieve success.
  • In case the husband is detected to have a genetic disorder which he does not want to pass down to his child.
  • In case the husband is positive for HIV or Hepatitis virus and the wife is not
  • In case the couple has low sperm count and need IVF treatment but there are budget constraints that prevents them from going in for IVF treatment. One has to understand the fact that with very low sperms counts, more than one IVF attempt may be needed for success.
  • Donor sperms are needed in case a woman wants to become a single parent.

Donor sperms are sourced from certified sperm banks and these sperms are testes several times for infectious and genetic diseases. These donor sperms are also matched to the physical characteristics of the husband.https://playngoroulettecasinos.combest non uk casino