Infertility Treatment in India

Fertility diagnostic services

Heart beats IVF provides a wide range of diagnostic tools to find out precisely, the cause of the infertility in the men and woman. Accurate diagnosis of the cause of infertility is the most important task that helps you find out the correct course of fertility treatment. The treatment is often chosen after the correct causes of infertility are diagnosed.

Heartbeats IVF centre in Panjim offers one of the best treatment for infertility in India. We will go into the details of your past infertility treatments and your present fertility will be determined by our tests. This will give you a good idea about your chances of conception and the time that you may need to conceive.

Also, getting your infertility related tests done in a precise ans systematic ways also brings down your cost of IVF and infertility treatment. Once you know what diseases and disorders are causing the infertility, we can focus of these aspects and give you precise fertility treatment.

infertility is broadly classified in to two different types:

MALE INFERTILITY AND FEMALE INFERTILITY. Let us try to understand these in detail.

Male infertility or male factor infertility refers to the infertility factor being present in the male partner or the husband. Several studies have shown that male factor infertility alone affects almost 30% of the couples. In simple words, sperm related issues affect 30 percent of the couples. In these couples, the woman does not have any infertility causing factors.

Male factor infertility means that poor sperm factors have caused the infertility. a detailed examination of the sperms is very important for a complete understanding of the problem. The various tests done for the sperms are as follows: Semen analysis (to understand sperm count and motility), semen culture sensitivity (to find out about semen infections), sperm DNA fragmentation (to understand about sperm DNA/ genetic damage), sperm osmotic fragility test (to understand about sperm related structural weakness). These tests give us a complete understanding about the sperms’s health and fertility status. Dr Mayur Pai is an expert on the topic of male factor infertility treatment in India. At Heartbeats IVF, we provide one of the best treatment for infertility in India for sperm related infertility.

Female factor infertility refers to infertility causing factors in female partner or the wife. Female factor infertility is alone responsible for 30 to 40% of infertility in couples. In simple words, in 30 to 40% of couples, the infertility causing disease is in the woman only and the male is normal. Female factor infertility is mostly identified by tests like Ultrasound, Tubal patency tests, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. It is also very important that these infertility tests are performed by a specialist who is well experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of infertile women. Heartbeats IVF is well equipped for the diagnosis as well as treatment of female infertility and we provide one of the best treatment for infertility in India. Dr Mayur Pai is well trained in performing different diagnostic and curative procedures for female infertility. Dr Mayur Pai is an expert in the treatment of female factor infertility treatment in India.

At Heartbeats IVF, we put a lot of weightage on the correct identification of the infertility causing factors. Only if these infertility factors are correctly diagnosed, they can be treated. and only if the infertility factors are treated, we can do a successful infertility treatment and give you a pregnancy.

To get your Fertility check up done, please call the Heartbeats IVF clinic for an appointment.