Millions of people in the country are struggling to become parents, and infertility is taking a toll on their married life. The unsuccessful conception of the couple is stopping them to enjoy parenthood. However, that need not be the case anymore.

Medical science has made it possible for all couples to bear a child despite their infertility. This has become possible by way of ICSI fertility treatment. It is the best possible treatment for all the couples that have witnessed failed attempts at IVF.

What Is ICSI?

ICSI stands for Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm injection and is considered a successful Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that cures infertility in couples. Under this fertility treatment, a single sperm cell is picked up and further injected into the cytoplasm of a full-grown egg in a lab’s controlled environment. This process ups the chances of fertilization.

ICSI fertility treatment could be considered an enhanced form of in vitro fertilization or IVF that is performed to increase fertilization opportunities. Many other factors affect the success rate of such treatments. Factors such as the female’s age, implantation dysfunction, embryo incompetence, and other fertility issues can hinder the process. The ICSI  treatment option guarantees the fertilization of eggs and sperm in many cases, thereby increasing your chances of becoming a parent.

Why opt for ICSI?

ICSI fertility treatment is the best method using which a couple can achieve fertilization of eggs and sperm, specifically if the sperm count of the male partner is the reason why a female is unable to bear a child. There could be many reasons for low sperm count in a man, namely, mental pressure, physical aspects, unhealthy routine, polluted air, unhealthy eating habits, etc.

Who should opt for ICSI fertility treatment?

This treatment option is an apt solution in all the below-listed cases:

  • A low sperm count of a male
  • Couples who haven’t had a benefit out of IVF
  • Poor morphology or abnormal shape of the semen
  • Sperm not moving well
  • In all the cases relating to vasectomy, when a male is unable to ejaculate

The success rate of ICSI fertility treatment in India is 60 percent. All you are expected to do is to consult the best doctor and get the treatment started.

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