Many couples are turning to IVF centres in the hopes of finally getting pregnant. IVF is one of the most effective strategies, especially for those with severe male and female infertility factors like low or zero sperm count, PCOS, and blocked fallopian tubes. The success rate of IVF is also higher than other infertility treatments.

However, IVF tends to be more invasive, as well as expensive. That’s because the treatment involves a lot of processes that use advanced technology and laboratory procedures. The total cost of your IVF treatment will also depend on your current health condition, age, length of infertility, and type of infertility. Costs go up if you have to take medications and other treatments along with IVF, or you need egg or sperm donors. So if you are considering using an IVF centre to have a baby, then you should prepare not only mentally and physically for the procedure but also financially. Here are some ways to save money on your IVF treatments.

Use your health insurance

Check with your insurance provider if the policy covers fertility procedures such as IVF. If yes, then ask for a list of accredited IVF centres in Goa so you can choose a fertility clinic and doctor that is supported by your insurance plan. You’ll be able to maximize your coverage that way. If not, then ask if your insurance may cover at least the fertility diagnostic procedures.

Consider a medical loan

If you can’t pay for everything in cash, try applying for medical loans. Find those that can be paid in instalment and with 0% interest rate.

Before applying for loans or using your insurance, the first thing you want to do is to find the best IVF centre in Goa that will give you your best chances of building a family. Choose a centre with highly experienced fertility experts, high success rates, and advanced IVF laboratories.

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