ICSI Fertility Treatment

ICSI stands for intra cytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI fertility treatment is a novel method to treat male factor infertility. This means, ICSI fertility treatment is important to treat low sperm count and low sperm motility. ICSI can also be used to treat azoospermia or zero sperm count. To understand more about how ICSI & IMSI treatments can treat azoospermia, please click on this link https://heartbeatsivf.com/low-sperm-count-azoospermia-treatment/.

In ICSI fertility treatment, the first step is collection of the woman’s eggs using a technique called Trans Vaginal Oocyte Retrieval. At the same time, the husband gives his semen sample in a semen collection jar. If for some reason the husband is unable to collect his semen sample in a jar or has obstructive azoospermia, we can get the sperms directly from the testes or epididymis. The sperms can then be used for fertilizing the eggs using ICSI / IMSI technique.

To do ICSI fertility treatment, the eggs are held with one micro instrument and the sperms are micro injected into the individual eggs using micro injection needle. This process achieves direct fertilization with a healthy sperm

The eggs that are fertilized by ICSI technique then grow into embryos. The embryos thus formed are matured in the IVF lab for 3 to 5 days and then transferred in to the wife’s uterus by a technique called guided embryo transfer.

IMSI stands for intra cytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection. This technique is very useful for cases or repeated IVF or ICSI failure. The sperm that is to be injected is magnified several times and the inner micro structures of the sperm are checked before injecting. The sperms selected by IMSI have a better chance to a better quality embryo.

ICSI and IMSI fertility treatments have increased the success rates in cases of male factor infertility, low sperm count cases and in males with poor sperm motility. ICSI fertility treatment is also indicated in cases where traditional IVF has produced failed fertilization.

ICSI fertility treatment is often the best choice when doing IVF with frozen sperms or when sperms are obtained from testicular sperm extraction techniques.

ICSI is also used in cases where the oocytes belong to women with age more than 40 years. In these cases, the oocytes may have thick outer shells that may increase the chances of failed fertilization.

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