IUI Cost in Goa 

IUI- Insemination

IUI or insemination is one of the most basic treatments done in couples with Infertility or difficulty in conceiving. IUI treatment is very easy to perform and IUI cost in Goa is much lesser as compared to the IVF or test tube baby cost. This page goes in to the details of IUI treatment, how IUI treatment is done and the cost of IUI treatment.

IUI stands for INTRA UTERINE INSEMINATION. IUI literally means that the sperms are injected or inseminated into the uterine cavity of the woman. IUI treatment first begins with the development of the woman’s eggs. This process is called Ovulation Induction or Super ovulation. In ovulation induction, the aim is to produce or develop one follicle (egg). In Super ovulation, the aim is to produce or develop two or more follicles (eggs). Once these eggs are produced, we allow them to mature. A follicle is said to be mature once it reaches 18 mm in size. only mature eggs have to ability to be fertilized and produce pregnancy. You can read more about ovulation induction and super ovulation by clicking on these links.

The process of monitoring the progress of these follicles is called follicular monitoring. You can click on this link to read more.

Once the follicles have reached maturity, we give an injection called a trigger. The Trigger causes ovulation to occur after 36 hours.

IUI treatment is typically performed at the time ovulation in order to fertilize the released egg from the follicle.

There are many ways to perform IUI and we at Heartbeats IVF are very well experienced in doing IUI treatment in Goa.

IUI treatment is indicated in couples who have male factor infertility. This includes patients who have low sperm count and low sperm motility. In men with low sperm count, IUI produces high success rates as compared to natural intercourse. The recommended sperm count for IUI treatment is more than 10 million, and ideally more than 20 million. IUI treatment works best when the motility is more than 50 percent rapid linear. This means that more than 50% of the sperms should have a good rapid forward motility. Below these parameters, IUI treatment may be attempted, but it may lead to poor or sub optimal results. ICSI fertility treatment is recommended for men with very low sperm count or poor motility. Do see our youtube channel videos to understand this topic in detail.

IUI treatment is also very useful in cases of UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY. In Unexplained infertility, often the reports and investigations of the couple are normal. Dr Mayur Pai often recommends IUI treatment in cases of unexplained infertility and he has got amazing experience in these types of cases. We believe that when IUI treatment is combined with Super ovulation and the cycle is well managed, we can get very high success rates. Often, doing this may bring done the cost of achieving a pregnancy to the cost of IUI treatment In Goa and IVF can be avoided.

IUI is also required in cases who have sexual difficulty. This may be in couples who are unable to have normal vaginal intercourse for some reason. IUI treatment is very useful for these couples who can have a child through treatment. This includes couples who have painful intercourse due to abnormally tight vagina or abnormally shaped penis. IUI treatment also plays a role in men who have erectile dysfunction and want to be fathers.

There are couples in who the husband and wife stay apart due to work related reasons. The husband may be working in a foreign country or on a ship and he may be getting a very short leave. These couples may opt for sperm freezing. In cases of sperm freezing, the husband’s sperms are frozen and stored with us in the clinic. The woman undergoes follicle stimulation and when the eggs are ready, she can do IUI with her husband’s own sperms.

Also, couples who need donor sperms, have to go in for donor sperm IUI to conceive. Donor sperm IUI is recommended in men who have untreatable Azoospermia or are unable to undergo IVF treatment due to financial reasons. Donor IUI brings down the cost of conception to the cost of IUI treatment in Goa.