Laparoscopy for Infertility

Laparoscopy in Infertility

Laparoscopy is a type of minimally invasive surgery that is commonly done in women to diagnose the cause of infertility. Laparoscopy also has the capability to treat the infertility causing disease in the same sitting.

In the diagnostic role, laparoscopy can be used to do tubal patency test that helps in finding out if the fallopian tubes are open or not. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, laparoscopy can be used to repair to fallopian tubes as well.

Cases of resistant polycystic ovaries can undergo diagnostic laparoscopy followed by ovarian drilling if necessary.

Infertile ladies with pelvic infection or endometriosis may have pelvic adhesions that may prevent fertilization of the eggs. These adhesions can be released using laparoscopy.

Most patients of laparoscopic surgery are operated and discharged within a few hours of the procedure. Laparoscopy is relatively pain free and comfortable for the patient.

Our team at Heartbeats IVF is very well trained in performing Laparoscopic surgeries for infertility and all other indications.