Ovulation induction is the most basic concept in fertility treatment. Ovulation induction is the treatment that is aimed at producing eggs of follicles in the ovaries of the woman.

Ovulation induction is usually started on the first five days of the woman’s menstrual cycle. The woman is given ovulation inducing tablets or injections or a combination of tablets and injections. The treatment is individualized to the woman’s fertility and the aims of the fertility treatment.

The effects of the fertility medications (tablets or injections) is monitored by s specialized ultrasound called follicular monitoring. Follicular monitoring looks for the growth of the individual follicles. Sometimes additional doses of fertility medications may be needed to get the desired number and size of the follicles.

Once these follicles reach 18mm in size, they are mature enough to be ruptured.

At the time of rupture, fertility treatments like timed intercourse and IUI (insemination) are planned.